Sambal Petai Recipe

irresistable famous nyonya cuisine

irresistable famous nyonya cuisine

People in Southeast Asia love to have condiment in their meal, Malay, Nyonya and Indonesia people call it Sambal, while Thai people call it Nam Prik, it is similar to dips, which helps to intrigue the taste of the dish. Sambal or Nam Prik could be the major dish of a meal with accompaniments of vegetables and meat or seafood, like Sambal Petai, which i want to share with you today. But when it is made thinly, it can be used as salad design. A simple sambal/nam prik is made from mix crushed fresh chilies with fish sauce, sugar and a dash of lime juice. Adding some crushed garlic, dried shrimps and a tiny amount of shrimp paste (called Hae Gor by Nyonya) make this dip more complete.

Sambal Petai, a tangy gastronomic creation, is pretty tough for me to categorize it, because some say it is originated from Indonesia, some say it is belongs to Malay people, while some claim it is a Nyonya cuisine. It is not easy to trace this dish belongs to which group, since they have influenced among each other due to the close proximity of the boarders between countries in Southeast Asia. So, after a long period of thinking, i decided to put this dish under Nyonya cuisine(if you are a Malay or Indonesian, hope you don’t mind!)

I have introduced Petai Bean in my previous post, so if you would like to know more about this special bean, kindly go to categories: ingredient,  and look for Petai

Now, let’s see what ingredient we need to make this lip smacking good dish:

choose the fresh dried shrimp: golden and solid

choose the fresh dried shrimp: golden and solid

12 prawn, cleaned and peeled 150g dried shrimp, soaked and minced
8 fresh chilies, crushed 5 cloves garlic, crushed
200g petai bean Salt to taste
4 red shallot, crushed 1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp lime juice Cooking oil

Just 5 simple steps, you can make this great SEA dish at home:

love the smell, hot and fishy

love the smell, hot and fishy

  1. heat up a pan, add oil, fry the crushed garlic and red shallot till fragrant.
  2. add in the crushed chillies and minced dried shrimp, stir fry till fragrant.
  3. Put in the Petai bean and prawns, stir fry for 2 minute or till prawns are fully cooked
  4. add in sugar and enough salt, stir fry till mixed well.
  5. Off the fire, add in lime juice. Served with steamed rice.
delicious and healty dish

delicious and healty dish

That’s all! Ha, don’t forget to cook more rice as you can finish one big bowl of rice with this dish alone! It is simply savory!

Oh yes, most people sneeze when they are cooking this dish, no big deal, all thanks to the super tangy smell! Enjoy! : )

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  2. Suhana says:

    I don’t think categorizing this dish under “nyonya” is apt cos it IS traditional Malay kampung dish. If you think abt it, Nyonyas (the women) and Babas (the men) came about when the Chinese marry into a Malay family and they originally reside/populate in Malacca. Generally all their heritage, clothes even language is heavily influenced by the Malays.
    So, there. That’s my 2-cents worth. hmm and thanks for posting the recipe. I’m initiating to cook Kampung dishes these days…

  3. Jasmin says:

    I like this recipe it’s seems to be like a Thai dish too. I like spices Ingredients in my kitchen it makes a heaven to my dish this dish is the same way that I want , Thanks for this leking Recipe.

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