Recipes for Chinese Food – Clay Pot Tofu

Claypot Taufu -it's still boiling when being served

Claypot Tofu -it's still boiling when served

Most Chinese cuisines needed to be served hot, not only because this will make the dish taste better, but also because Chinese believe food served while hot is more healthier than is served cold. In Chinese restaurant, you won’t be surprised to find a customer complaining about their dish is not hot when served, because it is expected to be hot! Therefore, one of the many ways the Chinese use to keep their dishes hot is by using clay pot to make their dishes.

One of the common clay pot dish you can easily find in Southeast Asia is Clay Pot Tofu – tofu or bean curds, prawn, chicken, chinese cabbage and mushroom cooked in clay pot. If you go to a chinese restaurant and order Clay Pot Tofu or Nga Pou Dou Fu, i am sure the waiter won’t give you a “i am not understand” face. This dish is equally famous in chinese restaurant as well as household cooking, my mom, my auntie, my friend’s mom, my friend’s friend’s mom, most moms know how to make this dish!

To prepare this dish, you need a clay pot (of course, if not, the name of this dish gotta changed already!) You see, although tofu is the main ingredient of this dish, but without a clay pot, the harmony of this dish is void. So, if you don’t have a clay pot, it is time to get yourself one, as clay pot are used in many chinese cuisine, and, clay pot can last long too (worth it)!

Before we start making this dish, let’s prepare the ingredient fist, they are:

4 pieces tofu, quartered 8 prawn, cleaned & peeled
100g chicken breast meat, sliced 3 dried mushrooms, soaked to soft, sliced
3 slices chinese cabbage, cut into small pieces 3 clove garlic, chopped
25g glass noodle, soaked 2 tablespoon oyster sauce
Spring onion, to garnish 1 tablespoon light soy sauce

What to do now:

  1. deep fry tofu till golden, set a side

  2. heat up clay pot, pour in some oil and fry garlic till fragrant

  3. add in chicken meat, mushrooms, prawn, stir fry for 2 minutes

  4. add in fried tofu, chinese cabbage, glass noodle, oyster sauce, light soy sauce and half glass of water, stir fry till well mixed, cover it and let it cook for 3 minutes

  5. garnish with spring onion, served hot with steamed rice.

well known chinese cuisine - claypot taufu

well known chinese cuisine - claypot tofu

See, so simple, this famous Chinese cuisine is now on your table, you may start to enjoy it! But be extremely careful when you eat this dish, because the tofu is far far hotter than you imagine!

Cooking tips:

# For healthier eating, you may toast the tofu till a bit crispy, instead of deep frying it.

# You can replace chicken breast meat with pork meat.

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  2. RALPH says:

    when i came here i assumed it was going to be filled with useless advice, but actually it turned out to be quite useful. im impressed!

  3. Paul Allen says:

    I tried this and it is very tasty. I thank you for posting it and look forward to more delicious recipes!

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