Kuih Lompang Recipe

Kuih Lompang -yummy Malay dessert

Kuih Lompang -yummy Malay dessert

Kuih Lompang, is one type of dessert that similar to the chinese “Bu Zai Kow”, literally means Cup Cake. They are similar because both also made using same method, using cup as the mold and steamed till cooked. But what make Kuih Lompang different from Bu Zai Kow are, Kuih Lompang added in coconut milk and topped with grated coconut while the other don’t.

Coconut again? You may ask.

Yes, since coconut can be found in abundance in Southeast Asia, and it goes really well with sweet stuffs, it is not surprising that coconut is always found in Southeast Asia dessert. In fact, it does make SEA dessert “outstanding” and have it own speciality.

There are two type of Kuih Lompang commonly found in this region, which are: Kuih Lompang Pandan and Kuih Lompang Gula Melaka(Palm Sugar). Obviously, the former is added in Pandan flavour while another used Palm Sugar.

If you think it is tough to make this yummy Malay dessert, let me show you how simple is it actually!

We need the following ingredients:

150g rice flour 250 ml coconut milk
100g cornflour/ tapioca flour 1 tbsp pandan paste
1 tsp green pea flour 300 ml boiling water
200g caster sugar or according to taste 100g fresh grated coconut (white only)
½ tsp salt 3 drops alkaline

To make Kuih Lompang:

  1. combine all flours, sugar, coconut milk, boiling water, pandan paste and alkaline in a mixing bowl, stir till sugar dissolved and form a smooth batter.
  2. Steam cups for 5 minutes, then pour in batter into cups and steam using medium heat for 15 minutes. Remove heat and leave to cool.
  3. Mix grated coconut with salt, coat the steamed Kuih Lompang, serve.

Pretty easy right?! Oh yes, if you want to make Kuih Lompang Gula Melaka, just replace the pandan paste with palm sugar, but you got to dissolve the palm sugar first!

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  1. Original Cajuns Dave says:

    That’s a delicious recipe! Makes me wanna eat it! :) I’m from New Orleans and have been eating good food all my life. I made a site for my recipes given to me by my PawPaw a long time ago. Lots of good food like gumbo and such. Mind looking at it and telling me what you think about it? I’d be happy to share a recipe to put on your website. Or we could maybe share a link? Go here if you wanna see it. I just bookmarked your site. Will be checking back often. :)

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