Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

There are many single meal dish can be found in Southeast Asia, usually it is either rice or noodle, like Chicken Rice, Asam Laksa, Kow Pad Gai, Char Kuey Tiew, Claypot Yee Mee, and many many more! Well, since rice and noodle are the staple food of this region, many wonderful rice and noodle dishes have been created.

Glass Noodle, or Cellophane Noodle, is a special noodle that made from mung bean (green bean). I wonder why it is not green color or at least it should be yellow-ish, really cannot imagine how it could turn to transparent when it is cooked? Do you have any idea on this? Wanna share with us?

Oh yes, back to the topic: fried glass noodle with bean sprouts or called Chau Dong Fen in Cantonese (some call Char Tong Fun), is a very delicious single meal dish found in most of the hawker stalls in Singapore and Malaysia. Bean Sprouts play a very important role in this dish, it gives the special fragrance and crunchiness to the dish. Of course you can still make a good Fried Glass Noodle without bean sprouts, actually there’s no right or wrong in cooking, just follow your taste, that’s it! I got friends who don’t like bean sprouts at all, when they order noodle soup or fried noodle, they will specially remind the cook “ No bean sprouts ya!” If not, they have to dig the bean sprouts one by one out from their noodle! Fussy? No, they just don’t like bean sprouts..

Ha, enough story already! Let’s check out how to make this mouthwatering fried glass noodle!


300g Glass Noodle, soaked till soft 2 eggs
10 prawn, cleaned & peeled 3 clove garlic, chopped
30g chili paste 3 tbsp light soy sauce
300g bean sprouts 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
150g chicken breast meat, sliced Salt to taste
50g green mustard, cut 2 bird eye chili, cut (optional)

To cook:

  1. heat up a pan or wok, add in oil and garlic, fry till fragrant

  2. add in chicken meat, prawn and 1 tbsp light soy sauce, stir fry till mix well

  3. add in small amount of bean sprouts, stir fry for ½ minute

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

add small amount of bean sprouts can bring out the fragrance

4.    add in the soaked glass noodle, green mustard, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, chilies( optional), salt and chili paste, stir fry for 2 minutes till mix well

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

add in glass noodle

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

add chili paste, green mustard, soy sauce

5.    add in bean sprouts, stir fry quickly till mix well, around ½ minute

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

add in bean sprouts

6.     keep the fried noodle in one corner of the pan or wok, add 1 tbsp oil to the other side of the pan, fry the eggs and till almost cooked, pour in the fried noodle and stir fry till mix well.(see pic)

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts

fry the eggs on the other side of the pan

7.    Remove heat, served hot.

Fried Glass Noodle with Bean Sprouts


Here are some cooking tips for this dish:

  • add in small amount of bean sprouts when frying the meats (step 3)can bring out the special fragrance that makes the whole dish smell even better, that’s explain why the hawker’s fried glass noodle can give better taste and smell than homemade.

  • Do not beat the eggs directly to the noodle, so that the eggs is fried and the noodle won’t be too “wet” and sticky, plus the bean sprouts still crunchy!

  • You may replace chicken breast meat with pork meat.

Hope you will try to make this dish, it is really delicious, I just ate one big plate of this fried noodle!

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