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In 1869, I.W. McAfnan, an American, invented a sweeper with an adsorption device by manual operation and named it "cyclone". Since then, the vacuum cleaner, a small household appliance which combines with the development of the times, has begun to have a close connection with life. With the continuous development of science and technology, the production and manufacturing technology of vacuum cleaner has become more mature and specialized. Galaxy Section of Hong Kong Technology Group Co., Ltd. makes use of leading product development technology and novel product development concept, so that this "whirlwind" really blows into the lives of ordinary people.

In the 21st century, the rapid development of science and technology and the invention and use of machines have freed people from heavy physical work. As for life, people's requirements have been constantly improved. They began to pay attention to the taste and quality of life and pursue spiritual satisfaction and enjoyment. After adequate social research and related research, Galaxy Group finally achieved the goal. Developed a small household vacuum cleaner with exquisite appearance, convenient and practical, and named it "Little Tornado" according to the historical background of "Tornado" to commemorate this great invention. At the same time, "Little Tornado" will also inherit and carry forward this spirit of continuous transformation and innovation. Galaxy Group has always been committed to creating high-end cleaning appliances, striving to provide the best for families and enterprises. Products with innovative ideas, let science and technology into life, lead the new fashion of the electrical industry, "Little Tornado" successful research and development, so that the Galaxy Group and the ideal has come a step closer.

Galaxy Group is keen to catch the phenomenon that modern people constantly pursue fashion and high-grade life. It constantly strengthens the research and development of new technologies and successfully develops a "small whirlwind", which makes household cleaning easier, time-saving and labor-saving, and also makes people have a more unique life experience. In fact, consumers do not want technology itself, but the technology brought about by it, so that they can live. Enjoyment and experience of living more joyfully. In addition to the appearance, quality and function of the product itself, Galaxy's "Little Tornado" is full of science and technology and modernity. The changes in lifestyle, the improvement of life quality and the rise of happiness index brought about by it are what consumers really value. Modern people pursue fashionable and high-quality life. When choosing products, they are also choosing a life attitude and a living party. Galaxy Group believes that lifestyle is the language of communication with consumers. Leading technology is the rational support behind it. It uses technology to change the lifestyle of consumers and to create brand with quality and innovation.

Let's act together to change the old and backward way of life, change the state of life with science and technology, feel the beauty of life with our heart, choose the "Little Tornado" of the Milky Way, choose the high-quality life, choose the "Little Tornado" of the Milky Way, and choose the new fashion.

1. Provide high-quality products, ensure the quality of products, improve and expand product lines, and timely launch new products according to market strategies.

2. Provide relevant product knowledge training for distributors, and do not regularly provide marketing strategy training and program planning.

3. Perfect regional protection measures, refusal of collusion circulation, and guarantee the exclusive brand management right of the agent area.

4. Unify brand, unify price and maintain normal price system.

5. Marketing planning, promotional leaflets, X exhibition shelves, on-site POP, brand image accessories and other timely distribution and promotion activities related support.

6. Provide high-quality after-sales service and training to distributors under agreed conditions.

7. Sustainable and considerable profit margin.

8. Jointly build a network service platform and have the right to enjoy all-round services provided by the Department of Intelligence.

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