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    If you look at these strategies
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    Cleaning up the dust on the eve of the Spring Festival is a traditional custom of our Chinese people. But we can't enjoy our Spring Festival holidays because of cleaning. We always want to eat a big meal and lie on the sofa contentedly without worrying about cleaning.

    Now is the era of high-tech, we can use intelligent technology products to replace us to do housework, let us free our hands. So an intelligent sweeping robot is worth having for everyone who wants to be lazy. It can solve all the troubles with one button.

    DONI's intelligent cleaning robot has been shipped, and I believe many friends have received it. But if you haven't got the right way to use the sweeper yet, don't worry, here's a strategy for using the sweeper for you.

    First, the furniture should be arranged neatly.

    There are anti-collision sensors on the outside of the sweeper. Once it senses obstacles, it will turn automatically. If there are too many debris on the floor, it is easy to miss sweeping in order to avoid these objects. So, in order to make the sweeper serve you better, please create a neat home environment for your sweeper.

    Second, the charging base is well laid out.

    The sweeper has just arrived at its new home, and its charging base is well placed.

    First of all, the charging base must be placed on the ground of an open platform, close to the wall, where there are steps or falls, and there are no obstacles on both sides of the front.

    Secondly, the base charge plate and the bottom electrode plate of the sweeper should be kept clean and cleaned with a dry cloth.

    Finally, don't dial the plug when the sweeper is full of electricity. When the power is insufficient, the sweeper will recharge automatically.

    Third, which cleaning mode is better to choose?

    There are several sweeping modes of sweeper. Take DONI V18 intelligent sweeper for example, it has four sweeping modes:

    The first is the automatic mode. The sweeper cleans the floor independently and randomly, and changes its running direction when encountering obstacles.

    The second is manual mode, which controls the moving direction of sweeper with mobile phone or remote control, and sweeps wherever you want.

    The third is the local cleaning mode. When you find a dirty place in your home, you can turn on this mode and sweep the floor in the designated area for "spiral" centralized cleaning.

    The fourth is Yanbian mode. When your sweeper has finished cleaning, you may as well open this mode. The sweeper will automatically sweep along the corner of the wall and clean the hard corner as well.

    In addition to these four modes, when you are off work or on business, you can also use mobile app appointment cleaning, remote control command sweeper cleaning.

    This is the sweeper's several cleaning modes, you can choose according to the actual situation at home.

    Fourth, pet poop must be cleaned up in time

    Nowadays, many people have pets, but they have to go to work. Most of the time, pets are at home alone, and nobody accompanies them. What if they are depressed and swollen? A sweeper will do it! ____________ It can clean hair and spend time with pets.

    Countless people have told you through tragic experience that if your pet poops, please remember to clean up in time! Otherwise, the picture is too beautiful to see.

    The most important thing is: the sweeper can not be used in water, let alone directly sweep water! Well, after seeing so much, I'm sure you've got the right way to use the sweeper. What are you waiting for? Get your sweeper busy.

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