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Ten Ten Trends in the Development of Intelligent Times
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First of all, the ten trends are not fabricated out of thin air, but are summarized by Saidi analysts who attended the Summit of IT Leaders in China through the current phenomena of the Internet of Things, the development of smart product terminal industry and so on. The Ten Tendencies of the development of the Intelligent Age are based on their existing data alone. Although it is a statement, as an old research institute, the report still contains a certain amount of gold. From the perspective of industry, it can be divided into four dimensions: technological innovation, product service, the internal of new production organization and a series of behaviors of individuals and enterprises within industrial organization.

First, technically speaking, in the process of interconnection of all things, the entrance dispute is about to disappear.

The way of human-computer interaction is constantly changing. From limited links to infinite links, to human-computer integration, to the ultimate ideal state of interconnection of all things, what can we find? When a future point of time to achieve or close to the interconnection of all things, every object, including people, equipment, terminals, external devices, environment, each individual and element can produce data, the so-called electronic information enterprise of the past. Industry, the controversy over the entrance of operating systems, and the controversy over the search entrance of mobile Internet around pages and APPs will gradually disappear.

2. Cognitive Technology Will Bring Subversive Innovation

In real business, mergers and acquisitions in the industrial sector, we will find that judging which technologies are hot spots, we will certainly pay attention to this kind of Silicon Valley mergers and acquisitions. You will find that since 2002, among the more than 200 acquisitions of intelligent technology in Silicon Valley, vision and in-depth learning have been the areas of greatest concern. For example, a triangular project in the Netherlands is to manage water resources. In the fields of finance, medicine and financial mergers and acquisitions, there are also a series of disruptive innovations which are unimaginable to outsiders. We judge that the amount and speed of such innovation will increase dramatically.

3. Sharing the Economy and Stimulating the Motivation of Technological Innovation

Whether it's a drop-by-drop trip or a short-rent market, we can all feel that under the guidance of the shared economy, all kinds of innovative elements have greatly improved the efficiency of innovation. Everyone is a marketer, and everyone is a contributor to innovation. Fab Lab is a case study in which everyone who wants to create what he wants has the environment and conditions to make what he wants. For example. I want to make a mobile phone or a carpet, any fantastic thing, it can give you such an environment, its foundation is not only to provide such an environment, but also to provide you with a series of tools to make these things, this laboratory is also rapidly promoted around the world, it is also a good model to accelerate public participation in technological innovation. 。 At the same time, we can see that the sharing economy will bring about a sharp increase in the number of customers. We know that the culture of the founder is very free, but the process of the founder's growth and the logic of its growth are not free. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Chinese entrepreneurs still have a certain difference, they have to go through these six links, to be able to attract angel investment. This is also an inspiration to our Chinese customer groups, as well as to local governments and industry associations. The organization, management and support of the founder need to be coordinated by certain organizations.

Fourth, judging the trend, we believe that the past experience of science fiction will be transformed to the real needs.

First of all, share with you a concept of social innovation, social innovation is the concept corresponding to business innovation. It is an organizational model to help the vulnerable groups or poor areas of the society to meet their basic needs. It will be launched in the form of business model, but it is based on the social value that is conducive to the well-being of the public. In enterprises based on social innovation, it can also be profitable. Why share examples of social innovation? Because technology has brought a lot of benefits to the public, from the smart transportation, living room entertainment, smart home, which we used to pay attention to, these can be said to be things in our life, at least for now, luxury goods, we hope that some manufacturers in the industry can pay more attention to vulnerable groups, pay attention to the value of social innovation. For example, to provide some convenient conditions for the disabled, patients, infants and the elderly, and to use our innovative scientific and technological means.

5. The distribution of Frontier concepts has entered the commercial stage, and the speed is continuing to accelerate.

Take Samsung for example, Samsung is now moving some of its smart appliances products to Smart Things platform. I put this case here to say that it has done a very complete job, because the trend of things is far from a case to prove it, if there are mature cases to prove, it will not become a trend, I think Samsung's approach is commercial phase. The mature prototype, including the driverless car we see now, is not only a very dazzling thing technically, but also a better one in terms of reliability and cost. Therefore, we will use this technology to enter the commercial stage. It will take a long time for the driverless car to be used commercially.

6. Intelligent security becomes the precondition of Industrial Development

315 party should be the focus of attention of the whole Chinese people every year. This year's report on intelligent terminals has some security risks, which is tantamount to raising the issue to a very high level, which will cause industry, government and consumers.


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