Claypot Lao Shu Fen

mouthwatering chinese cuisine

mouthwatering chinese cuisine

I have introduced Lao Shu Fen (Lou Shu Fen) or Yin Zhen Fen in my previous post, now is time to share with you on how to make this classical chinese cuisine, Claypot Lao Shu Fen, which loved by most chinese in Southeast Asia!

To make this single meal dish, first of all, we need a claypot, the purpose of using claypot is to keep warmth of the dish and make the dish become more excited (imagine a dish is served on a plate while another one is served in a claypot, which one give you more excitement?)

Ok, back to our recipe, we need to prepare the following ingredient:

yummy pork meatball

yummy pork meatball

300g Lao Shu Fen ½ tbsp sesame oil
5 prawn, cleaned and peeled 3 clove garlic, chopped
1 egg 3 tbsp light soy source
50g minced pork 1 tbsp dark soy source
50g chinese green mustard, cut into small piece 1tbsp corn flour
6 pork meatball pepper
1 red shallot, chopped salt
¼ cube of chicken stock 1 cup water

How to marinate minced pork:

add 1 tbsp light soy source, 1 tbsp corn flour, ½ tbsp sesame oil and pepper to minced pork, mixed well and set a side for at least 10 minutes

To start:

Heat up the pan, add in oil, garlic and red shallot, fry till fragrant

add in the marinated pork, stir fry till cooked

add in prawns and pork meatball, stir fry for 1 minute, add in 1 tbsp dark soy source, 2 tbsp light soy source,  ¼ cube of chicken stock, salt and water, cook until boil

heat up the claypot, add in Lao Shu Fen

then, add in the cooked gravy and green mustard, use spoon to mix well

when it is boiling, add in 1 egg, off fire immediately, served hot

If you can eat hot, you may add in chopped bird eye chilies, it can stimulate the taste of this dish!


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  1. whitee says:

    Great recipe, cooking it now. But it’s sauce, not source. :)

  2. QiQi says:

    Hi whitee,

    Thanks for trying up the recipe, let me know how it taste like, ok? Really hope you will love it! : )

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  4. We Buy Ugly Houses says:

    Wow,super site here!

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  6. Christine says:

    Hi, where can I find the noodles? I have looked everywhere online, but can’t find them!

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