Chinese Fish Recipes – Braised Fish With Salted Vege


braised fish with salted vegetable

There are many fish dishes in Chinese cooking, in fact Chinese people love to eat fish, not only because fish gives great nutrition to our body but also because it is delicious. Many Chinese fish recipes can be easily found, such as steamed fish, deep fried fish, curry fish and so forth, but not braised fish with salted vegetable. I am not sure is it because this dish is not popular enough, or not many people know how to make this dish, or not many people love this dish. No matter what it is, the point of the matter is = I love it and hope you gonna like it too! : )

Because salted vegetable (Ham Choi/Xian Cai) and tomato are added in to braised fish with salted vege, it tastes a bit sourly, salty and sweet, makes this a tangy mouth-watering dish that one will remember it forever once he tried. Don’t take my words for good, try it yourself and you will know what I  mean here.

Hakka Dumpling Recipes


Hakka ChoiGuo

Hakka dumpling, or also known as Hakka Choi Guo is what I would like to share with you today. I have shared how to make crystal dumpling before, although both are dumplings and equally yummy, the ingredients used and steps in making the wrappers are totally different. When making crystal dumpling, wheat flour is the main ingredient to make the dough, while in making this Hakka dumpling, rice flour is the main ingredient.

Here’s the ingredients to make the wrapper for Hakka dumpling:

500g rice flour (sifted)

100g glutinous rice flour (sifted)

250g corn flour/tapioca flour

1.5L water

Ingredient for mixture:

Kerabu Fried Rice Recipe


Kerabu Fried RiceFried Rice or Nasi Goreng(in Malay) is not “high class” stuff for the people here in Southeast Asia, instead it is rather cheap if compared with other dishes. However, fried rice is loved by many Asian not only because it is a simple, tasty, substantial, but also cheap in price(not quality).

I have introduced Kampung Fried Rice in my previous post, well, if compared with Kampung Fried Rice, Fried Rice in Kerabu style is more “happening” as there are many more ingredient used in making this single meal dish. Of course, the most important ingredient in this dish is lemongrass stalk, beside steamed rice. You can skip one or two ingredient mentioned below when cooking Kerabu Fried Rice, but you can never miss lemongrass stalk, it is really the soul of the dish! : )

Kung Pao Squid Recipe


Kung Pao Squid Kung Pao is a famous Chinese cooking method that loved by many Asian. There are Kung Pao Chicken, Kung Pao Squid, Kung Pao Pork and Kung Pao Prawn, among all these dishes, Kung Pao Chicken is the most popular one.

Kung Pao is originated from Chinese Sichuan. Like other dishes, Kung Pao was adapted by Southeast Asian and had been modified according to the taste of the local people. If you are not aware, the original Sichuan Kung Pao cooking style has no onion added in, nor carrot.

Though Kung Pao Chicken is the most well-known Kung Pao dish,

Asparagus With Prawn Recipe


asparagus with prawn

“Most guys love asparagus!”

I am not sure is that a myth or is a real claim, but one thing I am sure is: I love asparagus very much! Asparagus is not only delicious, it is also a healthy vegetable with lots of nutrition. In fact, it has detoxifying and diuretic effects where its fibers help us to clean out our gastrointestinal tract.

One of the famous recipes of asparagus can be found in Southeast Asia is Sambal Asparagus. No doubt cooking asparagus with sambal is a tangy dish, but somehow,

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